CSR is tool to aid an organization’s mission as well as serve as guide to what the company reserve for its consumers. The Company is committed to contribute towards the society at large by CSR means in the field of education, healthcare and livelihood for the general upliftment of the economically weaker sections of the Society. One of the primary responsibility of the Company is to give back something to the society and contribute a bit in the development our country. As a socially sound company we have taken many positive initiatives towards the betterment of the society. Broadly, the social activities of the Company emphasizes in education, healthcare and community services as set out below:


    The Company’s contribution in the field of education includes contribution to Solapur, Osmanabad and Medak district area educational institutions. The Company provides notebooks, library books, benches, desks, water filters R/O system, Toilet blocks, laboratory equipments, fund for construction of school building and other required furniture. Beside this we also provide projectors and computers to act as a catalyst for developing e-learning process in schools and scholarships for needy students etc. The Company on regular basis sponsor district level and international conferences, educational lectures, seminars, etc. We also encourage sports education by providing help to children who are preparing for state or national level sports.

    The Company provides Donation to the patients for medical treatments to cater to the need for medical and healthcare services. We also have health units to provide medical facilities to emergency patients and for the needy section of the public and the Company organize regular free Health Camps (including eye / dental checkups) in remote, inaccessible areas. For healthcare the Company also distributes dustbins, toilet blocks around the Solapur district and Osmanabad for better health and hygiene of the rural public. Apart from providing other facilities for rural people, during scarcity period to mitigate the water shortages in Solapur and Osmanabad Districts, the Company has done distribution of water tanks of permanent nature (i.e. RCC tanks) of 3000 Litres or other Capacity and provided water through for the livestock in some of the villages.

    The Company Contribute to the orphanages situated in and around Solapur which provides the financial support and looks after the maintenance of the homeless people by way of financial support for their general upliftment. The Company has donated the wheelchairs for Senior citizens at Solpaur Railway Station.

    The Maharashtra government in India has launched a water conservation scheme named “Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan” to make Maharashtra a drought-free state. As a part of conservation of natural resources, we have undertaken Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan. The key aim of Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan is to establish belief in a farmer that “every drop of rainwater is owned by me and it should percolate in my land”. Keeping this view in mind company has started this mission by way of deepening and widening of Nallas (drainage system) since 2015 and completed the work in 27 villages and helped in creating a storage to the tune of 300 TCM (30 Crores Liters).

    The Company has extended the help in establishing Ekalavya Centre for organic agriculture Research and Training Centre at Gungurti, Tandur Mandal, Vikarabad District. As a part of smart village development, the company has been providing infrastructure facilities by way of construction of Roads, providing cement poles, Street Lights, and Surface drainage facilities to various villages. To promote the “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” the Company has contributed by way of supplying Garbage containers to Solapur and Osmanabad District. The Company has also provided Containers and dumper placer for waste management of to Municipal Corporation of Solapur/Osmanabad/Medak. The Company shall always strive to achieve the well being of the society in which it operates other neighboring communities and the nation at large.
Distribution of Computer Systems to ZP School, Ganjewadi
Mini School Bust distributed to Aapal Ghar, Naladurg
At the time of inauguration of Surveillance camera's installed at Aasara Chowk, Solapur by BAL
E-Learning Kit installed at school L. T. Dasari Prashala by BAL
Toilet Blocks constructed at Devkurli by BAL
Distribution of benches to School Indira Kale Prashala, Jalkotwadi
Toilet Blocks constructed at Pimpla BK by BAL
Distribution of school stationary to Students
At the time of inauguration of Solapur Gramin Police Driver's Rest Room renovated by BAL